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Advantages of concrete mixer in building energy saving
Submitted by Eliza,03/29/2016
In the building energy saving and application, what advantages the concrete mixer has while other industry equipment does not have?

First, the structure of the block machine is analyzed: the concrete mixer's guide column is made of super special steel, and the surface with chrome plating has good torsion resistance and wear resistance. Machine, electricity and fluid synchronously drive, the error of same product pallet height is few, the product has good consistency. The frequency can be adjusted, to realize the work principle of low frequency feeding, high frequency molding, it have a good effect on the different raw materials. Fully automatic PLC computer control, man-machine interface and control program are designed combined with national conditions and introduced the international development trend, which is easy to master and operate, and widely received by the majority of industry insides.

In today's era, faced with all aspects of the country's policy support, building materials machinery industry believes that energy-saving concrete mixer developed and produced by building materials machinery has been put into trial, and was well received, it has high degree of automation, and simple operation, which is saving time and effort, welcome our friends to come to our plant.

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