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The maintenance after using the concrete mixing plant
Submitted by Eliza,04/05/2016
If you want to make the concrete mixing plant have a longer life, in addition to the choice of high quality and low price manufacturers, it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Maintaining the concrete mixing plant well can improve the service life of equipment and reduce the frequency of machine failure so that concrete mixing plant equipment can be ordered to run. In the following, I will introduce the maintenance after using the concrete mixing plant for you.

1.Do a good job of cleaning
After the concrete mixing plant equipment stopped and cut off the power supply, promptly clean up the machine. Cleaning the dust of the mixing tube inside and outside, unloading door and platform, and rinsing them with water. Remove the residue inside the metering hopper and the mixing pot of host. Remove the deposits on the surface of the belt conveyor and the scattered materials in the lower part of the belt conveyor and the batching plant.

2.Do a good job of checking
Concrete mixing plant equipment should be inspected regularly. It need to check the mixing drum, unloading gate and the residual concrete on the platform. Check the solenoid valve, the cylinder to see whether they are normal. Regularly check and clean the dust remover and safety valve on the top of the cement silo, to prevent the core of dust collector from jamming and the safety valve spring from being blocked by cement.

If the users of concrete mixing plant do a good job of cleaning and checking of equipment, then the service life of concrete mixing plant will be greatly extended.

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