Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance

Submitted by admin,02/28/2013

Belt type concrete batching plant maintenance is crucial to the daily using of concrete batching plant.

Belt type concrete batching plant can be applied to mix all types of concrete. Belt type concrete batching plant is also designed for ready-mixed concrete producer and precast concrete manufacturers.
The features of Pioneer belt type concrete batching plant are reasonable structure, good mixing performance, high productivity, environmental friendliness and easy maintenance.

Here are some rules about belt type concrete batching plant maintenance:

Users must make sure the surrounding environment of concrete batching plant is clean and tidy.

Users should check whether there is sufficient oil at every lubricating point.

Ensure that motor and electrical appliances have no overheating, abnormal noise.

Usually check every part of concrete batching plant. If there happens any problem, then timely handle these problems.

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