Control system of mobile concrete batching plant

Submitted by admin,12/25/2012

Safe design for control system of the mobile concrete batching plant. Domestic machinery companies often employ the way of direct control. For example, the batching machine only is used to batch aggregate, it is simple.

Safety design for the control system is to connect all the control modulars. For example, whether the concrete mixer is turned on before feeding the aggregates into drums? Whether the gate of concrete mixer shut off? Whether the aggregate is batched well? If there is one requirement can not meet, the computer would stop the next step, and indicate it.

It looks complex and trivial, however, we will benefit a lot from it in practical running. It not only avoid mis-operation and errors, but also not impact the production efficiency. It adopts safety design for the self locking and interlocking of software and hardware. Usually, people think that if we input the specific conditions into the computer, then it can be working automatically. In practice, for the hard production environment of the mobile concrete batching plant, there are always unexpected malfunctions or interference factors that cause the computer not working normally, for example computer crash.