Cost control of concrete batching pant

Submitted by admin,12/18/2012
Today, we will discuss about cost control of concrete batching plant.

With the development of economic system reform,construction industry has developed into economic entities with own profits and losses. Therefore, the maximum profits of selling concrete mixing plant is their premier goal. However, there is more and more intense competition among construction machinery industry. The enterprises shall not only manufacture qualified products, they also should ensure their profits, the maximum profits to promote the enterprise sustainable development. Based on this condition, advanced cost management and cost control are the base to win in the competition.

Cost control of concrete batching plant refers to control cost during the process of construction. That is to say to infiltrate the cost control idea into measures of construction method, construction technology and construction management through technology, comparative, analysis and evaluation to guide the supervision, regulation and restrictions on the construction of the consumption of resources and cost. It performs through three stages before construction begins, and during construction working, and the construction finished.