Development of concrete mixing plant in China (II)

Submitted by admin,12/12/2012

Today, we will continue to discuss the development of concrete mixing plant in China.

In other words, most of Chinese concrete mixing plant enterprises are centralized in energy power sector which can gain a lot of money with good policy. Therefore, they harried in diversification development. However, at the beginning, the private business concerns which product or development patterns could make more money. Nowadays, they are also cautious about diversification. Foreign enterprises are mostly from areas with maximum marketization, they offer sturdy concrete mixing plant and news about their products. Their cognition in positioning market policy is obviously higher than that of enterprises in mainland. They have clear goals and specific plans and are seldom reckless in marketing. Moreover, they make a further research in one field, and then develop it comprehensively, which make them the top leading enterprises in specialization of the products.

Pioneer is one among these enterprises. It has its own factory and can manufacture concrete batching plant with various sizes including small concrete mixing plant, ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, belt type concrete mixing plant, commercial concrete mixing plant, mobile concrete batching plant, modular concrete mixing plant, demountable concrete batching plant, continuous concrete mixing plant. In addition, it offer concrete mixing plant parts including aggregate batching system, cement silo, PLD batching machine, weighing system, screw conveyor, control system and concrete mixing system.

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