JS concrete mixing system for concrete batching plant

Submitted by admin,01/25/2013
Concrete mixing system is an important part for concrete batching plant of any sizes. Pioneer concrete mixing plant is matched with JS series concrete mixer. Here we will introduce you the advantages of JS concrete mixing system.
JS series concrete mixer is characterized by high intensity mixing with good quality, it has gear reducer for  force transmission. Typically, it is used for high strength concrete, and it is also can mix elastic concrete, flow concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. Secondly, it is energy-efficiency machine. It has self-lock for aggregate bucket lifting and centrifugal pump for water feeding. For example, JS500, its mixing motor power is 18.5kw, lifting motor power 5.5kw and  its pump motor power 0.75kw. Thirdly, it is easy to clean and has a long life. Every day,when the work done, the cement can be removed with basic water. Additionally, it is high quality with reasonable price. 
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