Ready Mix Concrete Plant Establishment

Submitted by admin,06/19/2013

For ready mix concrete plant establishment, concrete batching plant builders need consider the selection of belt conveyor, batching machine, testing instruments and other equipments. Here are some suggestions for concrete batching plant buyers:

Belt conveyor selection: If the construction site is open, flat belt conveyor with small angle (18 degrees) is the best choice, which will help buyers reduce the purchasing cost and at the same time, buyers can also use the hopper way. If the construction site is limited, buyers should consider  belt conveyor with large angle (40 ° - 50 °). But in a humid environment, especially when aggregate materials are wet, large angle belt conveyor has the shortcoming that it will adhere aggregate in the transportation process, which will reduce the quantity of aggregate and cause effect to concrete production.

Batching machine selection: a complete commercial concrete mixing plant should have one aggregate balance when take cumulative measurement and need 2 to 4 aggregate balances when take separate measurement. If the engineering demand is low, concrete batching plant users can use the batching machine which adopts 2 aggregate cumulative measurement; If the engineering has special requirements, concrete batching plant users must use batching machine which uses 2 or more than 2 aggregate balance cumulative measurement. Concrete batching plant users can also adopt batching machine which each aggregate is separately measured. Users also can configure cement balance, water balance, liquid additive scale and other balances according to requirements. 

Testing instruments selection, buyers can select some testing instruments according to their need, such as sand moisture tester.

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