Screw Conveyor Protection

Submitted by admin,02/19/2013
Screw conveyor is one of concrete batching plant parts. Screw conveyor protection is essential.

Screw conveyor of concrete mixing plant is usually in charge of conveying material (like cement, dust and coat). So it is significant to make sure that screw conveyor of concrete batching plant has high efficiency and stable running.

So, how to protect screw conveyor?

First of all, users need install protective devices in dangerous areas and some other parts which are not suitable to contact with screw conveyor. Thus avoiding unnecessary personnel and mechanical damages on concrete batching station.

Then, users should regularly check screw conveyor to make sure there is no abnormal performance and everything is ok.
Last but not least, apart from protective measures of general operation, concrete batching plant also need provide operators with safety guard to ensure operators properly use screw conveyor during in the process of installation and maintenance.

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